There are several major ways that you can contribute to this site:

  1. Add new information and update existing information about currently listed publishers and journals.
  2. Submit new journals and publishers for community review.
  3. Aid in creating a rating scale for publishers and journals.
  4. Write blog posts about experience with predatory publishing or thoughts on open access reasearch and scholarly communication.

How to contribute

At this stage, if you wish to submit a new journal or publisher, please send the following:

  1. The name of the journal or publisher.
  2. A URL for the website of the journal or publisher.
  3. Any information that you have that leads you to believe that this journal or publisher is acting in a predatory manner.


This site is hosted on GitHub. This means that anyone can contribute to the site by signing up for an account and then either opening an issue or creating a pull request.

Opening an issue to submit new information or correct existing information allows for the maintainers to assign the task to a particular contributor. To create an issue, follow the steps outlined in the GitHub Help pages on that topic.

Information about the journals and publishers is held in two plaintext, comma separated values (CSV) files. You can add new information directly to one of these files, which will send a request to the maintatiners to incorporate the change. This method also works for any information on any file contained in the site repository. For information about making pull requests, see the GitHub Help pages on that topic.

You can explore these options by visiting the GitHub repository for this site.


Email the details listed above to [email protected].


Tweet information to stoppredatoryj.